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Slips, Trips and Falls

You never see it coming! One minute you are walking along minding your own business and the next you have taken a tumble due to a pothole in the pavement, or perhaps slipped on a spillage on the floor in a supermarket. These types of incident are surprisingly common, and may well cause nasty injuries to ankles, legs or wrists and arms that you put out to break your fall.

You can make a claim for a number of accidents which you might not have realised you could claim for. For example, if you trip over a pavement slab which is sticking up, or in a hole in the pavement, you may be able to claim against the local authority which has a legal duty to keep the footpath in a reasonably safe condition.

Similarly if you slip over in a supermarket on a substance that has been spilt on the floor but not cleaned up properly, you may have a claim against the supermarket. They have a legal duty to take reasonable care that any users of the store will be safe while using the store.

If you are visiting private premises and you have an accident while on those premises, you may be able to claim against the owners of the premises because they will have a duty to take reasonable care for your safety while you are visiting the premises.

There are a number of different situations which may give rise to a claim.

Our highly experienced solicitors have over 10 years of experience in dealing with such claims.

If you think you may have a claim that we can help you with, please contact us on 0116 2999 199 or via this website and let our friendly, professional staff discuss your claim with you.

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